1. Choose  Phone Numbers

Choose a local number to appeal to your community. Select a toll free phone number for your business to create a national presence. We are happy to help you to find a vanity number. 

You can also keep your current phone number.  If you want to select numbers for each location, we can choose the number across Canada, and the USA! 

We are pleased to provide new local phone numbers in Richmond Hill, Ontario. or keep use of your existing numbers  

2. Select phones that fit your business activity 

Desk phone, DECT phone, conference phone, select from those to fit the setting location and the business activities . DECT phone is with one base, and multiple handsets which are connected with base by wireless. We will provision the phones to configure it into your system before we install or ship them to you.

You may use a web client to make phone calls from PC, or from cell phones  so the physical phone is totally unnecessary. 

3. Create Your Own Company Greeting & Auto Attendant

It leaves a great impression on your customers with a customized, studio-recorded greeting that makes you sound professional and established. 

Auto attendant voices can be one or  multiple layers  so the caller can reach the person or department. Or use multiple languages to let the caller select. 

4. Route Calls Wherever You Want

Our technicians will confirm you the call flow plan, will do all the configuration and  deployment on system and phone side.  

Set the routing group for each number; forward calls to your home, office or mobile phone, and include menu options in your greeting to let callers choose the appropriate extension or department.

Even you can set “call queue” and “agent group”, so it can work as a call center. When a phone call gets in, it will be put into the “call queue”, and assigned to a response agent from the “agent group”, and keep the phone holding if all the agents are busy.

5. Porting your existing phone number

To keep using your existing number, it has to be ported into our system from the current provider. You only need to give us the authorization letter and one recent month bill, and we will do the process. 

SEAMLESS TRANSITION: once the number is ported out from your current provider, it will be ported into our system right away, so you can make phone calls from our system without a disruption.  


Set the physical phone and install mobile app

Before we ship the phone to you, the phone has been provisioned to your system, all you need to do is to connect the phone to your local network by an attached ethernet cable . 

Download the 3CX  apps from Apple store or Google Play, scan a QR code which we will send to you, and include all the information of the connection.  

So the process is so simple! Our technicians will do all.   Call us today!